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Lust for Me Some More: Toyed With a Changed Man

edit_squareRito Yanagi


“You want me to finger you that bad, huh?” Mana Someya, a single 28-year-old office worker, is continuously facing some disasters recently. To refresh her mind, she visits a café and bar that her friend recommends to her. However, Mana unintentionally ends up overdrinking, and when she wakes up, she’s alone with the handsome bartender. The kind words he gives Mana makes her want to be comforted by him even more. But he suddenly tells her, “That side of you that only likes good-looking men has never changed over the years.” The identity of that bartender turns out to be Mana’s classmate that she terribly rejected a long time ago! Being toyed with a changed man, both her body and soul are turned on by him!

Author:Rito Yanagi

Genre:Teen's Love


Related words:RomanceChildhood friendReunion

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