Manga Authors Wanted

Advantages of Forming a Partnership

In addition to our own brand, we also offer authors to write manga upon request from electronic bookstores and publishers.

As a business partner, we will act in place of a manager for authors.

1.An Environment Where You Can Demonstrate Your Potential as a Manga Author

Our company handles a wide variety of production projects, and especially our manga titles are distributed to almost all existing e-book sites within Japan.
In addition, we often make offers to manga authors who do not have any experience being published.

Many authors are worried when it comes to their first published work, but at our company, we have a production system in place to support them. Therefore, we are able to provide an environment where authors can work within a reasonable range without overwhelming themselves.

2.Collaboration With Major Manga Sites

There are a wide variety of manga sites where titles can be distributed to, but we can promote authors’ work on a large scale through our affiliated manga sites.

Unlike normal editing productions, we do not only produce, but also handle everything from marketing to promotion.

3.Payment for Jobs (Manuscript Pay) Will Start from the Next Month

At our company, for any manuscripts or work delivered that month, its compensation will be given at the end of the following month.

For manga manuscripts, you can also be paid by page. (e.g., The total amount of manuscript pages delivered within one month will be paid on the last day of the following month.)

Example of Offer

1.Job Description

  • Original manga
  • Color or black & white
  • Series (3 chapters or more)
  • 20-24 pages per chapter every month

2.Wanted Genre

Girls’ Manga, Boys’ Manga, Men’s Manga, Teen’s Love, Boys’ Love, Men’s Adult Manga


Manuscript pay + download royalty
*Manuscript pay and download royalty are negotiable depending on your experience and past achievements.

Production flow

1.Offer We will offer manga authors who have registered to write for us.
2.Job Details ・Check with manga author’s schedule
・Confirm the contents of the writing request
・Discuss the project schedule, manuscript pay, etc.
3.Project Planning/Layout Meeting ・Decide on the story/theme
・Create character design rough draft
・Create the plot
4.Storyboard (draft) *Check/correct contents
5.Finishes (inking/coloring) *If you would like us to color your work for you, please submit it by individual pages.

How to Register as a Manga Author

Please register using the form below. Registration is free. Please send us a sample manuscript when registering.
・Main text manuscript (required), colored illustration (optional)
・File format:JPG, PNG, PDF

*Samples can be a derivative work or adult content.

▼We recommend uploading your sample to the below site.

1. Access
2. Enter your email and check the “Please check this box if you agree with the Terms of Service” to sign up for a free account and log in.
3. Go to Uploads in the menu and set Upload Period to 7 days.
4. Click the orange “upload” button and select the file to be uploaded.
5. After uploading, copy the issued downloadable URL.
6. Paste the issued URL in the “Work Sample URL” section in the Registration Form.

*Please enter your pen name or full name for the file names. (e.g.,

Click here for application form