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When I Put up My Overgrown Bangs and Took off My Bottle-bottom Glasses, My World Changed

edit_square夕霧・Rintaro Kakei・Modoki Houseki


With overgrown bangs, thick and outdated bottle-bottom glasses, and a slender, fair-skinned physique, protagonist Shintaro Sakaki has been bullied by his classmates ever since he entered school due to his overly dorky appearance. He doesn't have any friends, and his stepmother and stepsister treat him poorly at home. One day, Shintaro is fed up with his daily life and decides to commit suicide, but he is approached by a mysterious young man on the street. He tells Shintaro, “I want you to be my hair model!” With those words becoming the start, his surrounding environment changes completely!

Author:夕霧Rintaro KakeiModoki Houseki

Genre:Boys’ Manga


Related words:AcademySlice of life

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