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I Reincarnated as a Villain of an RPG, but I Want to Survive

edit_squareYousei・夕霧・Rokujuyon Okazawa


“After I wished to be reincarnated into a super famous RPG’s medieval-like world, I was reborn into the villain’s side!” A story about Zilla, who is destined to be killed by the hero, but he uses all the knowledge and power he has to change his fate in order to survive. He’s replayed the RPG numerous times, so he knows everything about the world! Will he be able to survive with his knowledge and intuition as a gamer?! A relaxed life of survival in another world!

Author:Yousei夕霧Rokujuyon Okazawa

Genre:Men’s Manga

Label:Yannoka COMIC

Related words:ActionBattle

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