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An Overly Aggressive Love Triangle: I Can’t Put It in until I’m Married?!

edit_squareNene Jounouchi


One says, “I’m Kaori’s fiancé.” The other says, “Huh? Kaori is my girlfriend.” “Wait, you’re both wrong!” shouts wedding planner Kaori in her head. Every day, Kaori is overwhelmed with hearing people’s marriage and love stories. Kiyotaka, the designer who has a one-sided crush on Kaori, and the childhood friend who doesn’t exist in her memory that just transferred from overseas, Kakeru, are both fighting over her. “Next time, let’s do it again when we have time.” Next time? Why does she have to do it with some stranger? An overly aggressive battle over Kaori begins!

Author:Nene Jounouchi

Genre:Teen's Love


Related words:RomanceLove triangle

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