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I’m Being Doted on by the Duke’s Daughter and Prince That I Admired?! Betrayed by Her Fiancé, the Heartbroken Earl’s Daughter Is Currently Confused

edit_squareKoe Shidai・Raiji・Yasuyuki Torikai


The winning story of The 9th Internet Novel Award "Gold Prize"!! An unprecedented attempt to break off the engagement of five couples is triggered by a bracelet with an alluring curse. The noble’s daughter who was the source of it is caught, the bracelet is confiscated by authorities, and the situation seemed to have settled, but… Although it was only a brief period of time, Elise, the daughter of an earl, was hurt by her fiancé's betrayal and was spending her days avoiding him out of distrust. Then one day, Nadia, the daughter of a duke who was also a victim of the same incident and whom Elise had admired for a long time, suddenly visits her. What’s more, the second prince, Asher, also appears from an unexpected place!

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