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Like the Fullness of the Waning Moon: If I Were to Take Your Hand

edit_squareHazuki Amahoshi


Ichika is a woman who is forced into an arranged marriage by her father. Still, she is overjoyed to know that she has finally found a place of her own and was cherishing her happiness. However, one day, a photo was in her mailbox hinting that her husband, Ryosuke, was having an affair. Shortly after, there was another mysterious envelope in the mailbox again. As she wonders, “Who could be doing this?” that moment, a stranger approaches her. The man introduced himself as a detective. Ichika's encounter with this mysterious detective, Aoi, dramatically changes her life. A love-hate drama that will make your heart ache begins here!

Author:Hazuki Amahoshi

Genre:Women's Manga


Related words:RomanceAdulteryThriller

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