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I Tried to Reincarnate into My Youth?!

edit_squareAka Yamato


Risa Mashiba, a super busy businesswoman who is nearly forty years old, gets into an unexpected traffic accident. When she wakes up next, she’s in bed at the school nurse’s office for some reason. What’s more, she becomes a beautiful half-foreign high school girl with perfect skin! “Is this a dream? Or is this a reincarnation due to a twist of fate?? It doesn't matter!” Risa tries to make the most of this opportunity. A story about a woman reincarnating into her youth to regain the teenage years she was unable to enjoy during her lifetime by making full use of her knowledge and experience from her previous life!

Author:Aka Yamato

Genre:Girls Comic


Related words:RomanceAcademyFantasyTime slip

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