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Color Me with Those Fingertips: The Cross-dressing President’s Sweet, Melting Love



“I won’t let you say ‘no’... This is all your fault.” After the female company president that Riko idolized so much steals a kiss from her, both her heart and body begins to melt! “The president should be a woman, but her body’s so muscular as if she’s a...” thinks Riko. The so-called female hotshot president of cosmetic company Anero, Kaede Kiryu, has a secret. From her deep admiration for Kaede, Riko Aizawa applies at Anero and begins working there. The more she gets to know Kaede, the more Riko becomes drawn to her every day and the more she craves for her. Meanwhile, an accident occurs...


Genre:Teen's Love

Related words:RomanceReunionPresidentAdultCross-dressingSchoolmate

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