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You Can’t Fall in Love with a Marionette!

edit_squareShizuka Yamaguchi


A promise made when she was a child. "Will you be my friend if I can like myself one day?" Hina Takamine, a girl who has used that promise as a goal in life to improve herself, enters the same high school as Kanata Nanase, the person she made the promise to. However, Kanata's appearance has completely changed. One day, Hina picks up the character memory card of a VR (virtual reality) world that Kanata dropped. She immediately accesses the same virtual world and finally becomes Kanata's friend that she longed to be… except Kanata tells her to never talk to him outside of the virtual world. What will happen to the two?!

Author:Shizuka Yamaguchi

Genre:Girls Comic


Related words:RomanceAcademyVR

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