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Is That Face Trying to Seduce Me? The Perfect Prince and the Cool Girl

edit_squareChiya Yuzuki


“Show me more of the expressions you feel...” He can't believe he’s just ended up in this situation with a girl he didn't like from work. Junya Nitta, who is known as the perfect prince within the company, is not very fond of Kasumi Asahina, who is called a robot due to her usual expressionless and unfriendly nature. However, after an unexpected turn of events, he ends up teaching her how to make facial expressions. Nitta worries over Asahina who doesn't show any change after trying everything he possibly can. However, Nitta sees Asahina blushing after she sees something!

Author:Chiya Yuzuki

Genre:Teens Love


Related words:RomanceOfficeFacial expressionPrinceCool girls


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