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Blue Spiral: The Fragments of Memories That Disappeared into Water Bubbles

edit_squareKaede Oumi


“I feel like I'm forgetting something important...” Minato sees a girl at the beach he visits with his work colleagues. He swims after the girl who gets sucked into the depths of the ocean, but his consciousness fades away gradually. When Minato wakes up next, he catches a nostalgic smell. Voices can be heard. He wonders, “Is this my parent’s house?” But when he looks inside a mirror, he sees himself as a high school student! Minato travels back and forth in time to the past and future in order to recover his lost memories. A sweet and heartbreaking love story begins!!

Author:Kaede Oumi

Genre:Women's Manga

Label:Scroll Book

Related words:RomanceTime slipFull colorPainful

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