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The Celebrity CEO’s Infatuated Training: Show Me More of the Expressions You Feel

edit_squareMinto Hatano


“You look the hottest when you get wild on top of me...” Honoka went on to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. One day, she is invited by Touko, an actress as well as her senior, to attend a party where celebrities gather. There, she meets a man who denies her dreams. Enraged by his words, Honoka splashes the champagne she has in her hand into the man's face. A few days later, Honoka receives an offer to appear in her first commercial. However, her client turns out to be the man from the party, Ryosuke Sakuraba, the CEO of a major home shopping company that is rapidly growing. She never expected to see him again, especially like this. Honoka apologizes to him for her rude actions, but Ryosuke tells her to become his girlfriend and he’ll forget what she did to him the other day. Honoka thinks, “You're probably just making fun of me again.” Even though she knows it's not good, when he whispers in her ear, her body gradually starts getting hot.

Author:Minto Hatano

Genre:Teen's Love


Related words:RomancePresidentPlain girl


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