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Welcome to Café Stella

edit_squareHiroyoshi Koutake


“I want to open my own café one day,” is what Manaka Taniya dreams of and moves to the city. She eagerly job-hunts to get hired at a café, but she is repeatedly rejected sadly. As she suffers from the harshness of reality, Manaka decides to make a visit to a café that was introduced to her by an elderly gentleman who she happened to meet. When she arrives, the place turns out to be the café of Manaka’s dreams. “Please let me work here!!” she pleads. “Sure,” was the response she received. Was she just unbelievably hired on the spot?! Surrounded by an airheaded gentle store manager and a handsome staff, Manaka’s dream-chasing life starts now!

Author:Hiroyoshi Koutake

Genre:Women's Manga


Related words:JobSlice of life

Delivery Store(JAPAN)

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