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I Want to Relax and Play VRMMO, but the Others Won’t Leave Me Alone

edit_squareSofuru Yugiri・Kobayan No. 2・Yakinabe


A plain office worker who has a fear of huge breasts, Jyugo Moriyama, wants to escape his boring life, so he begins playing the latest VR game, “Freedom Adventure Online,” in search for the best game experience. However, he has absolutely no interest in battling or socializing. All he wants to do is to cook and experience blacksmithing. He wants to enjoy cooking and eating meals with the virtual taste simulating feature while he absorbs himself in a slow-living lifestyle working as a blacksmith… but things don’t go quite as planned. An unpredictable, adventurous comedy about an unlucky man who keeps getting dragged into unwanted events in the VRMMO world.

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