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Meals That Melt in My Mouth

edit_squarePekoru Uchida


Tsubaki, a 25-year-old woman who lives alone, is a corporate slave that earnestly dedicates her tasteless life to work every day. One morning, Tsubaki wakes up to see an unknown teenage-looking boy standing in front of her. Although Tsubaki mistakes that she’s messed with a minor for a second, she is captivated by the mouthwatering meals the boy makes. She begins to think, “He looks like he’s troubled, and he’s grabbed my heart through my stomach already, so I guess he can stay here for now,” and they continue living together before she realizes it. The shared living of the opposites, a cool but earnest office worker and a laid-back third-year high school student, suddenly begins!

Author:Pekoru Uchida

Genre:Women's Manga


Related words:JobSlice of life

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