[Announcement] The 11th Internet Novel Award’s Comic Scenario Prize Received


In The 11th Internet Novel Award that the DigiCata Editorial Department co-sponsored and participated last year, our company’s three titles below received the Comic Scenario Prize!

The 11th Internet Novel Award Final Results

The comic adaptation for each title is scheduled to be released 2024-2025. We will announce the details on our site as they come in, so please look forward to them!


The Hobbyist Demon Lord Changes the World
Author: Umihebi
A tale about a middle-aged hobbyist (the strongest man in the demon world) that has a love for subcultures in dolls and paintings, who ends up getting appointed as the Demon Lord due to an unexpected turn of events. How this Demon Lord holds no interest in conquering the human race or stealing back territory, Demon Lord-like desires in other words, and spends all of his efforts on his hobbies makes this a very enjoyable piece to read. While there are comical scenes where he uses a computer to chat with female warriors and have tea parties (a.k.a. offline meetups), or hang out with demon princesses, there is also a war chronicle side to the story where it questions the endless war between the human race. This story’s roller-coaster pacing makes it a great title worth reading. It has high quality overall as a novel where the reader can indulge in a world overflowing with originality. It’s a piece you can’t stop reading until the last page!

As a Childhood Friend, I Just Want to Be a Mob, but I’ve Become the Heroine’s Love Interest for Some Reason. 
Author: Makoto Shiraai
Mashiro Yukitsuki is reincarnated as the heroine of a gal game. She begins her life as Suzuna Amatsuki, the childhood friend who has a crush on the game’s protagonist, Minato Shindo, except she has no interest in dating?! Suzuna wants to lie low and stay as a mob (NPC), but she ends up saving the main heroine, Riri Hinasé, in place of Minato from some guy in the city she’s having trouble with. This accidentally makes Riri fall in love with Suzuna instead. It’s interesting to see how Suzuna struggles to redirect the heroines’ love interests toward Minato, but her efforts go to waste, and she ends up becoming their crush herself! Furthermore, the introspection is well-written on how Suzuna gradually opens up to main heroine Riri as she shares her feelings for Suzuna, as well as expressing Suzuna’s dilemma of showing her true self to Riri. It is a work that will make you rediscover the beauty of girls’ love!

Because the Love Spell Broke.
Author: Tohno
First off, this story has an alluring, unique beginning where Willow, the marquess’s daughter as well as the protagonist, attempts to kill Virgin Maiden Ilzé who is getting too close to her beloved crown prince. However, the moment she is about to put an end to Ilzé, the love spell she is under that captivated her to the spellcaster breaks, and the reincarnated soul awakens within Willow. Shortly after, that reincarnated soul goes into hiding for the safety of Willow’s sleeping soul, and she swears to take revenge on the crown prince for secretly bewitching Willow. Her determination to make Willow happy no matter what and her sincere love for her is very touching to read. Many readers will surely love this strong-willed protagonist. This is a recommended title for anyone looking to enjoy a completely new kind of nobility manga!

Lend a Helping Hand to These Lonesome Catastrophes!
Author: Yuuki Fukutsu
Protagonist Edel is reincarnated with a mediocre ability that doesn’t exactly make him stronger called Neutralize All Status Effects, which is a power that will never place him under any abnormal effects. However, there exists a dangerous presence called the Seven Catastrophes in this world who spread near-fatal status effects to others around them. You can’t say Edel has a cheating ability, but his policy to always care for the suffering gradually gains him many attractive comrades, starting with Goddess of Decay Illiestelle, which makes the story very heartwarming. And most of all, how Edel is head over heels for deadpan Illiestelle is cute and just priceless! The interactions between the characters are very comical and fun too that it makes you want to read this great series all in one go!




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