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God Has Moved to Another World

edit_squareMayu Natsumi・Amara・Noki


The long-awaited manga adaptation of The 2nd Internet Novel Award Grand Prize-winning work! Akasaya is a regional god who lives quietly in a present-day abandoned village. Suddenly, the supreme god of another world, Amverence, comes to visit him. Akasaya is extremely humbled, but after listening to his story, he learns that a lot has happened and there is a shortage of gods in the other world. Amverence has come to his world to borrow Akasaya’s godly powers of fertility and prosperity. Akasaya accepts the offer and heads to the other world, but what spreads out in front of him is a wasteland with little sign of life. Akasaya and his assistant, angel Eltvael, embark on a major project to regenerate and revive the land. An “ex-human” average god will (maybe) engage in a tearful and moving adventure in another world!

Author:Mayu NatsumiAmaraNoki

Genre:Boys’ Manga

Label:Yannoka COMIC

Related words:FantasyAnother world/reincarnationGod

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